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Okay, but for serious. Money has been ridiculously tight lately. Combined with Key Bank making up charges and the apartment management telling us that they can’t do anything about people being shot in the parking lot, we’re ten thousand percent done and we’re also ten thousand percent broke. I need to make at least five hundred dollars in the next couple weeks or we’re fucked. I haven’t been able to get a job because I wasn’t able to get medication I need until five days ago. Without money for transportation, any job I get right now would be worthless anyway.

So here’s the deal. If you commission me or donate, you will get something you want and I get to feel like more than a useless bump on a log.


Here is my art tag!

Everyone who donates at least five dollars will get a quick sketch. My paypal is If you decide to donate, please make a note of your tumblr URL so I can draw something based off it or your characters or whatever; you can send me an ask or email to this effect.

Even if you can’t shove money at me, signal boosting and reblogs really help. Thank you!

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Okay so let’s take a moment to think back to when Apollo and Clay first met.

Clay was more timid back then so Apollo was the first one to introduce himself. “Hey! My name’s Apollo Justice!” Clay stares at him for a moment and responds “Apollo? …. Like the spacecraft? THAT’S SO COOL!” Because this is Clay and even back then he would totally think of the spacecraft and not the god or anything. 

Then it would take Apollo like five minutes to get Clay’s name because spaaaaaace. 

And then later then they’re telling each other their dreams Clay responds to Apollo with “So if I ever get in trouble you’ll be there to defend me, right?” And of course Apollo would agree to this.

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After this and being shown this I created this monster.

How Apollo accidentally called Trucy is up to your imaginations because I can think of several ways and I don’t feel like explaining them because my heart hurts too much to do so.

shhh I know I’m not the best artist but I couldn’t get this out of my head otherwise.

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